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Dear Friends,

Sorry, we're closed now.

I could not keep gallery open for more then one reason, but the biggest one was me. I did not feel I was strong (and smart) to contine. I needed rest: do nothing time, be closer to Earth, Sea, Sun, Sky, my cat Bikini and my dog Hana.

Do I miss it? Yes! I miss our dinners, painting Easter eggs, my freedom to do with our space whatever I wanted to do, I miss people, soup and bread openings... I miss our little "community".

Do I miss ART? Not now. I am fine having my hands dirty, working in my garden.

What I do now? Hmmm, little art, lots of cooking...

Who I am now? Rebel, definitely!

So, be well my friends and thank you for letting me love you. I know we'll see each other, sonner or later.

-- Yours, always, Ewa

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You can always reach me by phone, e-mail or mail.

Ewa Nogiec 508 487-0011

P.O. Box 675, North Truro, MA 02652


Art Is Good

Here are my friends:


Donna Dodson, Gallery Ehva

Donna Dodson

Bill Liebeskind

Bill Liebeskind

Gallery Ehva: Richard E. Smith

Richard E. Smith

Tracey Anderson
Midge Battelle
Bill Barrell
Rachel Brown
Arthur Cohen
Didier Corallo
David Ellis
Miriam Freidin
Joanna Gabler
Fred Garbers
Wendelin Glatzel
Irén Handschuh
Myrna Harrison

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Provincetown Artist Registry

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I am Provincetown

I am Provincetown...

2014 Season Schedule

Past shows at Gallery Ehva


Jenny Humphreys/Residency

January 4-19, 2014

--> Opening Saturday, January 18, 6-9pm

Jenny Humphreys draws on Gallery Ehva wall

Jenny Humphreys draws on our big white wall...

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Red Dot

Vicky's Birthday Party

Vicky's Birthday Party and Jenny's Opening!

--> Saturday, January 18, 6-9pm

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION For Everyone Born in January!!!!
Enjoy Food and Drink - all welcome Music Performances beginning at 7 pm

The Story of Butter
Sounds by Arvid Tomayko with special guest, Incubator
Dance to Attic Band

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Jenny Fragosa/Residency

February 2-16, 2014

--> Opening Friday, February 14, 6-8pm

Artist Jenny Fragosa

Jenny Fragosa

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Hearts On Fire show at Gallery Ehva

Friends and Gallery Ehva artists

February 14-March 1, 2014

--> Opening Friday, Februrary 14, 6-9pm

Friends and Gallery Ehva artists: Jenny Fragosa, Michael Guy, Pasquale Natale, Midge Battelle, Lisa Ventre, Iren Lipton, Phillip Smith, Carmen Cicero, Arthur Cohen, Wendelin Glatzel, Irén Handschuh, Ken Horii, Jenny Humphreys, Susan Lyman, Ewa Nogiec, Richard E. Smith, Rob Westerberg...

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Gail Browne/Residency


March 15-April 15, 2014

--> Opening Friday, March 21, 6-8pm

Provincetown artist Gail Browne

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Appearances 2014, 4th international eco-art festival will again this year, thanks to the Trustees of the Reservation, have use of the 17 acre Dunes Edge Eco-Campgrounds with 100 camping sites for the Festival.

Blender Art

--> Saturday, April 19, 2-4pm at the Gallery Ehva

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Trees: Art and Meditation with Joanna

--> Saturday April 26, 2014 - 6 pm at the Gallery Ehva

Trees, they are such a common part of our daily life. More often than not, we are passing them without noticing. Then suddenly, unexpectedly one of them draws our attention, and we are stopped by its beauty, power, mystery, and we realize what amazing beings they are.
Creators of our oxygen, source of world myths and legend. Powerful symbols; Tree of Life, Tree of Wisdom, Kabbalah Tree, Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree, Judas hanging himself on a tree, and tree of the cross at Golgotha….Trees…

Through the creation of art and meditation Joanna Gabler will guide you on the road to discovery of your personal relation to the Tree. No experience necessary.

Joanna Gabler is an exhibiting artist; painter and photographer, meditator and explorer of mysteries of human consciousness. She holds an advanced degree in Philosophy from Warsaw University. In her spiritual life she has sat through the six 10 days silent meditation retreats. For the past 12 years she lives and creates in the Berkshires, beautiful mountains in north-western corner of Massachusetts.

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Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis

Bill Liebeskind at Cape Cod Museum

May 1 - June 14, 2014

--> Opening Thursday, June 12

Bill Liebeskind, HeadsBill Liebeskind, Heads

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Cyndi Wish

dis-assembled, re-assembled

May 16-27, 2014

--> Opening Friday, May 16, 6-8pm

Cyndi Wish, Watching Citizen Kane on 9/11 collage

"Watching Citizen Kane on 9/11," Collage, 2014

Until a few months ago, I couldn't justify making new art. It came out of a combination of environmental concern (where does all this art go?) and feeling that art-making was oppressive. An artist is blessed and cursed with a creative drive which gets them into their studio whether they like it or not. I stopped liking it, so last September, I looked my creative work-ethic in the eye and said: "Get off my back. I'm going to go watch football."

My studio became a storage space for the art I have made over the past 25 years. In January, I unlocked my studio to put my bike in it, and saw two of my old prints overlapping each other on the floor. One I had made at 18, one I had made at 27. I liked thinking about them talking with each other.

These new collages are comprised of pieces of prints I have produced throughout my art-making life. As I dis-assembled prints, and re-assembled them into collages, the elements formed associative meanings, dada-esque narratives, and absurd contradictions. The collages are a conglomeration of accumulated interests, emotions, and images.

I hope you like them.
-- Cyndi Wish, Provincetown 05/01/2014

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Viva Summer! at Gallery Ehva, Provincetown

Bill Barrell, Carmen Cicero, Arthur Cohen, Fred Garbers, Wendelin Glatzel, Salvatore Fiumara, Myrna Harrison, Irén Handschuh, Ken Horii, René Lamadrid, Richard Smith and others

May 30-June 11, 2014

--> Opening Friday, May 30, 6-8pm

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Red DotProvincetown Art Association and Museum

Plein air painting on the beach

--> Sunday, June 1, 2014

Plein air painting on the beach in front of the Mews Restaurant. This is our chance to "Be a Part of History" as we continue the exciting tradition of beach plein air painting, following in the footsteps of Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche.

The day will officially begin at 8am with painting continuing until 2pm. PAAM will provide a clothed model for any artists who might want to create a mudhead. The Mews will provide coffee, light breakfast snacks, and lunch. Reception from 2:30-4pm. There will be finished works for sale to be displayed throughout the day at the Mews.

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Bill Liebeskind/Postcards

Postcards by Bill Liebeskind

June 13-25, 2014 THREE DAYS ONLY!!

--> Opening Friday, June 13, 6-8pm

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Younger Than Amy

Younger Than Amy 2014 show at Gallery Ehva Provincetown

June 13-25, 2014

--> Opening Friday, June 13, 6-8pm

Art Bazaar Gallery Ehva

Meet the Artists, Zine Release & Art Bazaar: Sunday, June 22nd 3-7pm

Curated by Hilary Burkitt















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Narrow Land exhibition at Gallery Ehva, Provincetown


Provincetown, Galllery Ehva, Narrow Land show

Narrow Land exhibition, gallery view (l-r work by Dennis Allee, Arthur Cohen, Myrna Harrison, Carmen Cicero, Salvatore Fiumara, Rob Westerberg, Wendelin Glatzel, Shirley Glasser)

"Provincetown Narrow Land"

June 27-July 30, 2014

--> Opening Friday, July 4, 6-8pm

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Busa, Cicero and Garbers

Peter Busa

Carmen Cicero

Fred Garbers

August 1-13, 2014

Opening Friday, August 1, 6-8pm


Peter Busa, serigraph

Peter Busa, serigraph

Flying Low by Carmen Cicero

"Flying Low" by Carmen Cicero

Collage by Fred Garbers

Fred Garbers, Portico, collage

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Provincetown Masters

Bill Barrell, Paintings

Arthur Cohen, Retrospective


August 15-27, 2014

Opening Friday, August 15, 6-8pm


Bill Barrell

Bill Barrell in his studio

Painting by Arthur Cohen

Painting by Arthur Cohen

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Red Dot

Summer in Color:

Salvatore Fiumara, Landscapes

Wendelin Glatzel, Archetypes

Myrna Harrison, Figures

August 29-September 10, 2014

Opening Friday, August 29, 6-8pm

Wendelin Glatzel, archetypes

Wendelin Glatzel, Archetype #1 by


Myrna Harrison, Figure

Myrna Harrison, watercolor

Fiumara, Landscape, 2014

Salvatore Fiumara, Landscape, acrylic, 2014

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Red Dot

Jenny Humphreys, Miriam Freidin

September 12-24, 2014

--> Opening Friday, September 12, 6-8pm

Miriam Freidin, studio

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Luscious Duo:

Susan Lyman, Ewa Nogiec

September 26-October 8, 2014

Opening September 26, 6-8pm

Sculpture by Susan Lyman

Wood sculpture by Susan Lyman

Molly, Long Point painting by Ewa Nogiec

Molly, Long Point painting by Ewa Nogiec

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Susan & Ewa + Girlfriends:
Midge Battelle & Irén Handschuh

October 10-22, 2014

Opening Friday, October 10, 6-8pm

Susan & Ewa + Girlfriends show at Gallery Ehva Provincetown

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Halloween Special!

Quinn Wolff-Wilczynski: Wallpaper

October 31-November 19, 2014
Openings Friday, October 31, 6-8pm and Sunday, November 2, Noon-6pm

In a delightfully antagonistic way, Quinn's wallpaper patterns seek to confuse the viewer's understanding of object and image. The viewer is enticed into experiencing each of Quinn's elements as both image and form, reference and referent, lifting visual objects beyond any singular existence to an almost spiritual plane of simultaneity.

Using sculpture, stereoscopy, photomontage, and essay, and referencing Surrealism, Analytical Cubism, and cave art in each of his "patterns," he creates transcendental pieces that are multidimensional, both in viewing and in understanding.

Quinn has roots in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Portland, and Tucson, but is now happy to call Provincetown his home. As the first recipient of Gallery Ehva's EhvaLAB residency for the 2014-2015 season, Quinn Wolff-Wilczynski kicks off the fall/winter season with energy and an original thoughtfulness that embodies the creative efforts of the program.


Art by Quinn Wolff-Wilczynski

Quinn Wolff-Wilczynski, Victorian/Tree/Deer/Cascade, digital wallpaper print, size variable


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Peeling Potatoes!

Art+Food for Holidays!

Peeling Potatoes

November 29-December 17, 2014
Peeling Potatoes Saturday, 1-3pm

Celebrating simple food... and art show with beautiful art by extraordinary artists!

One potato
Two potatoes
Three potatoes

Five potatoes
Six potatoes
Seven potatoes



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Art Is Good

Here are my friends:

Gallery Ehva, Nathalie Ferrier

Nathalie Ferrier

Alicia Henry

Alicia Henry

Daniel Dejean, Gallery Ehva

Daniel Dejean

Gallery Ehva, Janice Redman

Janice Redman

Rob Westerberg

Rob Westerberg

Barbara Cohen, Gallery Ehva

Barbara Cohen

Ken Horii, Gallery Ehva

Ken Horii

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Jenny Humphreys
René Lamadrid
Bill Liebeskind
Susan Lyman
Diane Messinger
Andy Moerlein
Henry Moore
Ewa Nogiec
David Paulson
Cyndi Wish

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