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daring and beautiful art

Gallery Ehva features contemporary and early Provincetown art and offers 2-week long off-season residency program. EhvaLAB is our hands-on art making by gallery artists and friends.

Art Is Good

Ewa Nogiec, Director
508 487-0011

Noon to 6pm, closed Wednesdays

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Artists represented by Gallery Ehva:

Tracey Anderson
Bill Barrell
Carmen Cicero
Arthur Cohen
Didier Corallo
James Doherty
Miriam Freidin
Salvatore Fiumara
Joanna Gabler
Fred Garbers
Wendelin Glatzel
Irén Handschuh
Myrna Harrison
Fred Hemley
Alicia Henry
Ken Horii
Jenny Humphreys

Elise Kaufman
René Lamadrid
Bill Liebeskind
Susan Lyman
Ewa Nogiec
David Paulson
Muffin Ray
Janice Redman
Christina Schlesinger
Richard E. Smith
Rob Westerberg
Cyndi Wish

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Gallery Ehva
74 Shank Painter Road
P.O. Box 1426
Provincetown, MA 02657
508 487-0011
© 2009-2014 Gallery Ehva
All rights reserved.

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Gallery Ehva and Friends


Gallery Ehva with Chinese Friends

Our Chinese friends

Selina and Midge

Selina Trieff and Midge Battelle

Molly and Hana

Molly and Hana

Rhoda Rossmore and Amy Germain

Rhoda Rossmore and Amy Germain

"Younger Than Amy" participating artists: Lauren Allegrezza, Nils Berg, Chick Byrne, Linnea Del Deo, Chun Isabella Schlesinger-Fried, Hazel Olivia Everett, Brandon Kirk, Julia Lavigne, Andy Li, Dominique Pecce, Jessica Teffer, James Warren

"Younger Than Amy" participating artists... (missing on this photograph are Lauren, Linnea, Hazel and Chun)

Albert Merola

This is Albert from Albert Merola Gallery. I like his gallery a lot!
And I LOVE this portrait of Albert...So, I took it from facebook...

Polly and Iren

Polly Burnell (l) and Iren Lipton

Gallery Ehva friend Midge Battelle

Midge Battelle

Jim Zimmerman, Provincetown artist / photographer

Jim Zimmerman

Chip Brock, Provincetown artist

Chip Brock

Phil Smith, Provincetown artist / photographer

Phil Smith

Zehra Khan, Provincetown artist

Zehra Khan

Gallery Ehva friends

Padrick Meagher and Michael Guy; installation by Zehra Khan


Pat de Groot

Pat de Groot

Paul Resika

Paul Resika, August 2011

Gallery Ehva friends: Jane Kogan, Paul Bowen, MP Landis, Irene Handschuh, Berth

Gallery Ehva friends: Jane Kogan, Paul Bowen, MP Landis, Irene Handschuh, Bert Yarborough

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We list below Provincetown's important non-profit art organizations, which offer many programs for artists and friends of art. Most of them are open year-round. Artists represented by Gallery Ehva participate in Provincetown Art Association and Museum shows and teach classes. Some of our artists are in Provincetown because they were fellows at Fine Arts Work Center and decided to make Ptown their home.

Make sure to stop by at the Provincetown Town Hall and see their incredible collection of Early Provincetown Art, which is also on display at Provincetown Public Library.


Fine Arts Work Center

Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown

Lots of good things...

24 Pearl Street
508 487-9960


Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Association, museum, school, music...

460 Commercial Street
508 487-1750


Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill

Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill

Workshops, exhibitions, lectures...

10 Meetinghouse Road
508 349-7511


Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

Mounument, museum, beautiful view of Ptown and Harbor...

High Pole Hill Road
508 487-1310


Town of Provincetown

Town of Provincetown, Art Commission

Art collection...

260 Commercial Street
508 487-7000


Provincetown Public Library

Provincetown Public Library: Art Collection

356 Commercial Street
508 487-7094

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Provincetown Artist Registry

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