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The year of the unexpected joy... In our 7th season, in location of many possibilities and many challenges, we'll continue to present art full of surprises and beauty, made by exceptional Provincetown and national artists, with our guiding spirit of Arthur Cohen and his unflinching love for Provincetown at the helm. All year long we'll exhibit art by Bill Barrell, Midge Battelle, Fred Garbers, Wendelin Glatzel, Irén Handschuh, Ken Horii, Jenny Humphreys, Bill Liebeskind, Susan Lyman, Richard Smith and many others. We'll also repeat our very popular exhibit "Younger Than Amy" [after Amy Winehouse] organized by young artists from Cape Cod, Boston and New Bedford. Gallery Ehva will continue our EhvaLAB program which is our hands-on art making by gallery artists and friends (new for 2015 season is Arthur's etching press and small ceramic kiln). In off-season we'll still hold an open invitation to all artists for a 2-week residency program (please contact us for details).

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Ewa Nogiec, Director
508 487-0011

74 Shank Painter Road
Provincetown, MA
Open Friday-Sunday
Noon to 6pm
Always by Appointment
Lots of parking

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Art Is Good

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Tracey Anderson
Midge Battelle
Bill Barrell
Rachel Brown
Arthur Cohen
Didier Corallo
David Ellis
Miriam Freidin
Salvatore Fiumara
Joanna Gabler
Fred Garbers
Wendelin Glatzel
Irén Handschuh
Myrna Harrison
Alicia Henry
Ken Horii
Jenny Humphreys
René Lamadrid
Bill Liebeskind
Susan Lyman
Diane Messinger
Henry Moore
Ewa Nogiec
David Paulson
Richard E. Smith
Rob Westerberg
Cyndi Wish

Gallery Ehva

Gallery Ehva
74 Shank Painter Road
P.O. Box 1426
Provincetown, MA 02657
508 487-0011
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I am Provincetown

I am Provincetown...

Tracey Anderson


IN THRALL is the current graphic novel project from Artist + Gamer Tracey Anderson. Conceived as a fictitious society that mimics our own, In Thrall freely explores the politics, beliefs and morals that currently dominate the early 21st Century landscape. Anderson will show visual work from her graphic novel In Thrall..

Tracey Anderson, Provincetown artist


Tracey Anderson

Tracey Anderson, studio


Tracey Anderson

Tracey Anderson, The Possibility of Leaving, acrylic on canvas, 72"x72", 2011

Tracey Anderson, monoprint



Tracey Anderson, art on the door

Studio/Art at the door



b. 1966 Edinburgh, Scotland

Tracey Sandford Anderson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She attended Edinburgh College of Art and completed Post Graduate Studies in Drawing and Painting at the Royal College of Art in London. She has exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Academy as well as various group and solo shows in Edinburgh and London. She teaches over the autumn and winter at PAAM in Provincetown in both the Art Reach program for young adults and the Art On The Edge program. She lectures year-round in Art History at PAAM, and Snow’s Library. Anderson is the current Chair of the Youth Education Committee at PAAM. A dedicated gamer, strategist and avid news reader, she is re-focusing her art related goals towards more practical and actively political outcomes.

Provincetown Art Association and Museum Tracey teaches at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum School...


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