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Dear Friends,

Sorry, we're closed now.

I could not keep gallery open for more then one reason, but the biggest one was me. I did not feel I was strong (and smart) to contine. I needed rest: do nothing time, be closer to Earth, Sea, Sun, Sky, my cat Bikini and my dog Hana.

Do I miss it? Yes! I miss our dinners, painting Easter eggs, my freedom to do with our space whatever I wanted to do, I miss people, soup and bread openings... I miss our little "community".

Do I miss ART? Not now. I am fine having my hands dirty, working in my garden.

What I do now? Hmmm, little art, lots of cooking...

Who I am now? Rebel, definitely!

So, be well my friends and thank you for letting me love you. I know we'll see each other, sonner or later.

-- Yours, always, Ewa

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You can always reach me by phone, e-mail or mail.

Ewa Nogiec 508 487-0011

P.O. Box 675, North Truro, MA 02652


Art Is Good

Here are my friends:


Donna Dodson, Gallery Ehva

Donna Dodson

Bill Liebeskind

Bill Liebeskind

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Richard E. Smith

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Midge Battelle
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Miriam Freidin
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Myrna Harrison

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Provincetown Artist Registry

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I am Provincetown

I am Provincetown...

Midge Battelle

My foundation training in the fine and graphic arts included an intensive drawing practice, the extensive investigation of color theory, and the elements of design. After many years of working in painting, photography, printmaking and mixed media, I arrived at the intent to devote my time entirely to painting. I fully embraced the directive of non narrative imagery. Engaging the complete abstract, my work moved towards minimalist geometric forms. The paintings took on a feel of the iconic through various grid compositions and the plasticity of simple linear forms. The drawing within each painting is rendered with graphite, which is then toned down with a soft gesso wash. A heightened response to inner as well as outer stimuli, is what activates the start of a new painting. Intuition then takes the lead with color mixing and harmonizing the palette as it develops within the painting. The emerging color recipe, quickly and deftly mixed, is then slowly and methodically applied. It is this spontaneous but focused energy that moves the subtle color work, shifting and engaging the eye to slowly move around the picture plane . This method of color mixing and application is compatible with the contemplative aspect of the grid form. My current palette often leans to the use of mostly high key chroma. Very recently, I have begun to explore the combinations of more deeply saturated hues , while still attending to a minimal palette. I am presently in process of completing one piece in that vein, in which I have also introduced combining square panels into a more iconic cruciform shape.

The paintings I have selected for 2015 exhibition at the Gallery Ehva are culled from work completed over the past four to five years . They show various shifts in chromatic mood and an expanding vocabulary of grid and line compositions. Using a palette knife almost exclusively , oil paint is applied to predominantly birch panels. By intention, the applied paint has no truly hard edges, conveying a soft more feeling aesthetic . Ideas for my painting come from as varied sources as a piece of music, a snippet of writing, a personage, the startling aspects of a moment in nature, a meditation, and more. Consciously connecting to the experience of immanence, moves me to perceive in my minds eye subtle color harmonies. This empathic color voice finds a rhythm as it moves within the abstract form, and is an experience of deep satisfaction and joy. This is my chosen milieu.

The travel sketches of 17th C.writer/poet Matsuo Basho speak to the archetype of the wanderer purposefully connecting to the natural world in all seasons. The beauty and simplicity of his prose is a steady inspiration. The painters throughout history such as Giotto, Mondrian, Rothko, Reinhardt, Mitchell, and Martin are but a few of the artists who continue to nourish my vocation as a painter.

Finally however, is the deepest inspirational source underpinning the paintings. An un-nameable realm from which the best work springs. Agnes Martin, one of the greatest 20th C. painters, spoke well to this unconscious energy, simply saying that,ultimately, the work comes from."absolutely no hint of any cause in this world".

-- Midge Battelle, Provincetown 2015

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Midge Battelle was born(1945) and raised in Worcester, Ma. She is a longtime resident of Provincetown, Ma. with many detours concerning life over the bridge, always returning to this place like no other. Active in the Provincetown arts community since the early nineties, Battelle has served, and currently does serve, on the Exhibition Committee at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, has taught both privately and publicly, is a curator and gallerist. Battelle's paintings, photographs, and etchings, are in many private and public collections.

She has an Associates degree in Art and Design from Greenfield Community College (1984), studying photography with Tom Young, color theory and design with the painter Margaret Stein, and art history/critical studies with her mentor there, artist and art historian, Joan Rising. She received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art( 1988) in photography, design, and mixed mediums. While at Mass. Art she studied photography primarily with Abelardo Morrell and Laura McPhee. Battelle over the years has been particularly recognized as a photographer and printmaker, and has for the past 3-4 years become completely devoted to her studio painting practice. Working with oil paint on panel, and a simple grid/line graphite drawing, Battelle explores the infinite language of light, color, and simplicity of form.

Inspired particularly by nature, poetry, music, and the internal sense memories of harmony, beauty and meditation , a minimal yet expressive studio practice continues to guide her development as a painter . Always knowing that one day painting would be the endgame of a lifelong pursuit in the arts, Battelle's commitment to, and joy in, the studio, has become it's own reward. However, currently working on a large 30"X60" diptych commission, the reality of her paintings being appreciated and collected, has over the past year, become an unexpected gift.

Addressing the why and how, to paraphrase the late Provincetown abstract painter Jim Forsberg when asked one day how he paints what he does, he said, "i don't know, but i'm there when it happens."


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Art Is Good

Here are my friends:

Gallery Ehva, Nathalie Ferrier

Nathalie Ferrier

Alicia Henry

Alicia Henry

Daniel Dejean, Gallery Ehva

Daniel Dejean

Gallery Ehva, Janice Redman

Janice Redman

Rob Westerberg

Rob Westerberg

Barbara Cohen, Gallery Ehva

Barbara Cohen

Ken Horii, Gallery Ehva

Ken Horii

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Jenny Humphreys
René Lamadrid
Bill Liebeskind
Susan Lyman
Diane Messinger
Andy Moerlein
Henry Moore
Ewa Nogiec
David Paulson
Cyndi Wish

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