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Gallery Ehva features contemporary and early Provincetown art and offers 2-week long off-season residency program.

Art Is Good

Ewa Nogiec, Director
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Fri, Sat & Sun, Noon to 6pm
Always by appointment

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Artists represented by Gallery Ehva:

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Arthur Cohen
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10 Days of Art Festival, Provincetown

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Invited ArtistsEfrem Marder: Paintings

Curated exhibit at Gallery EhvaMarit Cranmer curator

July 19-30, 2013
Opening Friday, July 19, 6-8pm

Painting by Efrem Marder

Painting by Efrem Marder

Efrem Marder
Born - Oct 16 1951

At the age of 5, Efrem began doing pencil line drawings of family members, surprising for someone of that age. As a teenager he resumed drawing intensively, and began painting after meeting his future father-in-law, the painter Ted Denyer. Ted opened his eyes to the world of painting in a profound way, and was a major influence as an artist, mentor, and friend for almost 40 years. Efrem went on to study painting at Bard College, graduating in 1973 with a BA in Art. The painter and Prof Alan Cote, his senior advisor, was instrumental in helping to encourage him to find his visual voice in a freer and more expansive way. Although Efrem's work from that time appeared to be influenced by abstract expressionism, it was music that was the more motivating factor. Avante Garde Jazz became a major influence on what Efrem was trying to work with in the visual arena- improvising freely on a large scale, with strong color and intricate gestural form, discovered in the moment, and evolving like a jazz solo. The influence of the painters that affected him most, Cezanne and Matisse, are not necessarily seen more obviously in his work.

At the age of 16, Efrem was introduced to Jim Forsberg's work in Provincetown, and purchased his first painting (with saved allowance money), a small still life from the late '60s. The Denyers (Ted and Barbara) and the Forsbergs (Jim and Joan) were all artists who had studied together after the War at the Art Students League in NYC and remained good friends. Provicetown/Truro was the place to be for all involved for part or all the summer. So it was for Efrem, his first wife Lauri, and his young family as well. Over the years, it became important to spend time in Forsberg's studio when in Provincetown. Both Forsberg's and Denyer's painting, although quite different from each other, and different from his own, became a tremendous love and influence for Efrem, informing his understanding of the power of the language of color, form, and structure.

After graduating from Bard, baby in tow, the family moved to Western Mass to work with a spiritual/educational group studying the teachings of G I Gurdjieff, an enigmatic master from the Caucasus who died in 1949. Factory work, and odd jobs were needed to support a growing family, and by the time there were three children Efrem went back to school to study Math/Stat and completed a MA in Math from UMASS/Amherst in 1980. This began a 30 year career in the Corporate arena serving the support of five children. Efrem built and oversaw a department of math professionals who developed simulation models and techniques for managing bond investment risks and related issues. This work, although demanding and stressful, was also quite creative and rewarding in its own way. At the same time, the Spiritual work continued, and evolved into the study and practice of Dzogchen, a knowledge preserved in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. There wasn't always the possibility for active painting during this time, but in 1989 Efrem was able to have a studio again, and paint intensively for some years. So, active work was inconsistent until retirement from the Corporate world in 2010, and the studio reemerged as a primary focus.

In 1996, a year after the first marriage ended, Efrem met the Norwegian artist/curator Marit Cranmer and they married in 2001. Marit, a tapestry weaver, had been the director of a major art institution in South Norway. In 2005, they completed the creation of a private gallery space in a renovated barn at their property in Conway, MA. Since then, they have jointly curated and exhibited a variety of private showings of their work and from their collection. Currently the gallery is filled with Forsbergs.

In 2012 Ewa Nogiec (Gallery Ehva) suggested to Efrem that he consider showing his work publicly, and exhibited three of his paintings in the Persistent Abstraction show that August. She invited him to exhibit (as a guest artist) a show of paintings (curated by Marit) opening July 19, 2013. He is very grateful for the opportunity- particularly to exhibit in Provincetown, where he has spent part of virtually every summer since he was ten, and where many artistic influences developed. This combines Efrem's lifelong devotion to painting and love of Provincetown.

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Persisten Abstraction


Efrem Marder, Persistent Abstraction

Efrem Marder, Persistent Abstraction show at Gallery Ehva


Efrem Marder, Persistent Abstraction

Efrem Marder, Persistent Abstraction show at Gallery Ehva


Efrem Marder, Persistent Abstraction

Efrem Marder, Persistent Abstraction show at Gallery Ehva

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