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Dear Friends,

Sorry, we're closed now.

I could not keep gallery open for more then one reason, but the biggest one was me. I did not feel I was strong (and smart) to contine. I needed rest: do nothing time, be closer to Earth, Sea, Sun, Sky, my cat Bikini and my dog Hana.

Do I miss it? Yes! I miss our dinners, painting Easter eggs, my freedom to do with our space whatever I wanted to do, I miss people, soup and bread openings... I miss our little "community".

Do I miss ART? Not now. I am fine having my hands dirty, working in my garden.

What I do now? Hmmm, little art, lots of cooking...

Who I am now? Rebel, definitely!

So, be well my friends and thank you for letting me love you. I know we'll see each other, sonner or later.

-- Yours, always, Ewa

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You can always reach me by phone, e-mail or mail.

Ewa Nogiec 508 487-0011

P.O. Box 675, North Truro, MA 02652


Art Is Good

Here are my friends:


Donna Dodson, Gallery Ehva

Donna Dodson

Bill Liebeskind

Bill Liebeskind

Gallery Ehva: Richard E. Smith

Richard E. Smith

Tracey Anderson
Midge Battelle
Bill Barrell
Rachel Brown
Arthur Cohen
Didier Corallo
David Ellis
Miriam Freidin
Joanna Gabler
Fred Garbers
Wendelin Glatzel
Irén Handschuh
Myrna Harrison

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Provincetown Artist Registry

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I am Provincetown

I am Provincetown...


exhibit + book signing

June 1st - 13th, 2012 opening Friday 6-8pm

Hosted by Gallery Ehva in conjunction with the 6th International Encaustic Conference

Curated by Laura Moriarty, Director of The Gallery at R&F

Featured Artists:

Christine Aaron
Lynn Basa
Jorge Luis Bernal
Michael Billie
Lynda Cole
Kim Flora
Jeffrey Hirst
Bonny Leibowitz
Michelle Marcuse
Winston Lee Mascarenhas
Maritza Ruiz-Kim
Pamela Wallace 

The twelve artists featured in GOOD VIBRATIONS represent a small fraction of artists who submitted their work to be considered for Encaustic Works '11, the inaugural edition of a biennial exhibition-in-print published by R&F Handmade Paints, and juried for 2011 by Conference Director, Joanne Mattera. Over 400 artists submitted their work for her consideration, and ultimately only 50 could be included in the book. To celebrate the release of EW'11, curator Laura Moriarty decided to make her selections from those artists who were passed by for the book. Bound by deference to the submission process, these artists submitted in good faith, and are now being honored for their fine work and professional good graces.

book signing 6/3, Sunday 6-8pm


'Earthscape with net hanging from boat' by Kim Flora | encaustic on panel: 24" x 30"

'Earthscape with net hanging from boat' by Kim Flora | encaustic on panel: 24" x 30"

'Pink' by Lynda Cole | encaustic on cradled panel : 48"h x 36"w x 2"d

'Pink' by Lynda Cole | encaustic on cradled panel: 48"h x 36"w x 2"d

'Navajo Rug' by Michael Billie | Encaustic and horsehair on panel: 24 x 24

'Navajo Rug' by Michael Billie | encaustic and horsehair on panel: 24 x 24

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Art Is Good

Here are my friends:

Gallery Ehva, Nathalie Ferrier

Nathalie Ferrier

Alicia Henry

Alicia Henry

Daniel Dejean, Gallery Ehva

Daniel Dejean

Gallery Ehva, Janice Redman

Janice Redman

Rob Westerberg

Rob Westerberg

Barbara Cohen, Gallery Ehva

Barbara Cohen

Ken Horii, Gallery Ehva

Ken Horii

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Jenny Humphreys
René Lamadrid
Bill Liebeskind
Susan Lyman
Diane Messinger
Andy Moerlein
Henry Moore
Ewa Nogiec
David Paulson
Cyndi Wish

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Wax ball

Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. The liquid/paste is then applied to a surface—usually prepared wood, though canvas and other materials are often used.

This technique was notably used in the Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt around 100-300 AD, in the Blachernitissa and other early icons, as well as in many works of 20th-century American artists, including Jasper Johns.